Marketing and communications are relationship-driven endeavors that require deliberate, methodical, and targeted outreach efforts based on a firm’s abilities and position in the marketplace. Nancy Kleppel Consulting helps clients to understand and articulate their priorities, focus their objectives, set goals, and implement outreach programs that achieve measurable results. We determine what drives and differentiates their businesses and deliver these key messages to their clients and other defined audiences, using various platforms to amplify their ideas.

Our core competencies are integrated marketing, business development, and communications services and comprehensive knowledge of the A/E/C industry. Our approach is both strategic and tactical. We work with our clients to develop appropriate strategic goals and to create marketing, business development and public relations plans. We implement our recommendations, guiding our clients through a series of manageable and cost-effective steps. This allows them to redefine their brands, win work in new markets and achieve their fullest potential growth. We supplement in-house marketing efforts or work as consultants, either in an ongoing capacity or on a project-by-project basis. Our integrated approach eliminates the need to retain multiple consultants.

Nancy Kleppel Consulting adds tangible value to our clients’ endeavors. We ensure that knowledge and experience are literally transferred to their firms and that all members of the team are engaged in the process. We train technical staff to successfully incorporate marketing into their everyday tasks and to take advantage of professional opportunities as they arise. We are skilled at nurturing a culture of business development and strategic communication, which allows our clients to discover new opportunities and leverage existing networks.

We are deeply commitment to all aspects of the built environment, from design innovation and technological advances to sustainability and urban design. We understand the trends in the industry and our clients’ businesses and we have strong contacts with peer firms, potential public and private clients, and allied professional organizations, allowing us to promote and advance the value of design. Our broad network helps us to strengthen our client’s objectives, build their public exposure, and accelerate their immersion into various markets. We are continually engaged with design media and we constantly strive to position our clients in dynamic and evolving media environments.